Purchase your Silks Place Taroko【 Harvest Hamper 】now!

Silks Place Taroko warmly presents the Harvest Hamper, which includes local specialty of variety townships in Hualien. Please do enjoy all the delicacies and savor the authentic flavor of Hualien.

Price: NT$2980
Please kindly refer to Harvest Hamper Order Form and fax to (03)8691289 or email to rsvn@silksplace-taroko.com.tw. Should you have any question please dial (03) 8691155.

Product Introduction:

Flying Fish XO Chili Sauce
The Flying Fish XO Chili Sauce introduces the fresh flavor of the sea. Best sauce to dress up noodle and rice. 

Peeled Chili Pepper Meat Sauce
We creatively combine meat sauce with peeled chili pepper, the sauce and pumpkin Fettuccine makes a perfectly delicious meal.  

Pumpkin Fettuccine
The golden pumpkin from Shoufeng Township meets Italian Fettuccine. Boil the noodle with boiling water for 5 to 6 minutes to enjoy the tasty pumpkin Fettuccine.

White Plum
The white plum is from the famous Derli local specialty food store in Hualien. Falling in love again by savoring the sweet and sour flavor.

Warrior Food (Fuli Rice & Taiwan Quinoa )
When the aboriginal warriors are out for hunting, their family would prepare rice for boosting their energy. Hotel creatively present own warriors food, you can enjoy it by simply cook the rice for 25 minutes. 

Vanilla Macaron / Lavender Macaron/Rosemary Macaron
The vanilla, lavender and Rosemary are planted in hotel green garden. The fresh fragrance makes the Macaron so undeniable. 

Homemade Plantain Jam
The tasty homemade jam is made by plantain from Shioulin Township. Spread the jam on bread and enjoy the delicious match.

Purple Sweet Potato and Nuts Cookie
Handmade biscuit made from local ingredients such as purple sweet potato and mixed nuts. Spread the Plantain Jam on the cookies and enjoy your tea time.

Red Bean Jelly
We bring the most famous Red Bean Jelly from the well-known store from Hualien. There are original and honey flavor, please enjoy them with some Honey Scented Black Tea!

Millet Wine
The millet wine is a significant element of Harvest Festival Celebration for     Aboriginals. Let’s cheer to a prosperous year!

Honey Scented Black Tea
The Honey Scented Black Tea is nurtured in Wuhe located in Ruisui, Hualien. It contains natural fragrance of sweet honey. Moreover, a special flavor will enhanced if some milk is added to the tea.

Mountain Litsea & Rose Salt
Mountain Litsea, known as mountain pepper, is a common ingredient for aboriginals. To enlighten the taste of buds, mountain litsea and meats make a perfect match.  

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